Blue Stingray Continues To Deliver High Quality eStore Magento Solutions

Blue Stingray Continues To Deliver High Quality eStore Magento Solutions

With our world looking much different in 2020, the importance of digital solutions comes into the spotlight. Blue Stingray continues to produce custom solutions for our clients and is available for your needs as well.

As a Certified Adobe Partner with over 10 years of extensive Magento development and implementation experience, we have the expertise to build and launch custom solutions for any need. With access to Adobe’s partner resources, along with the experience of a development team who completed numerous robust Magento implementations for Fortune 100 companies, we are confident in our ability to match your needs.

At Blue Stingray, we only use in-house experts to deliver the high quality, scalable, e-commerce solutions. We understand that when you partner with us, you expect to work with us directly, so we do not outsource any of our work. We not only build solutions custom to our partners but we also customize our agile-based approach to project management for each project as well. Our open curtain management strategy leaves nothing hiding behind closed doors, so you can see exactly how your project is running, and nothing catches you by surprise.

If you have a project you are considering, we highly recommend that you reach out to us. We are happy to take a look at any project and determine the best solution to achieve the results you want to see. We are always available for questions and quotes, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

— Jim Huber, COO, BHS, Inc.
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