Blue Stingray Works With Many Industries

Blue Stingray has developed and supported highly specialized software requests across a diverse array of industries and sectors, from start-ups to Fortune 100 Companies. In every case, we carefully map out our clients' workflow to create truly customized, cost-effective tools for ecommerce, supply management, and more. Read about some of the industries we've served below, or contact us to learn more.

Blue Stingray Solutions for Your Industry

Blue Stingray's strength is our ability to build, customize, and adapt software to meet various business strategies and processes. By understanding our clients, we're able to offer innovative solutions that allow for superior efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing / Industrial
Get everything you need for manufacturing with a single software solution. Our ERP platform includes fully integrated tools for MRP, quality, maintenance, and more. Get accurate planning based directly on real manufacturing times measured on the work center control panel. Display worksheets during operations, show alerts to workers based on quality or changes, and communicate in real time.
Blue Stingray can provide custom dealer portal solutions for your business, reducing the time you spend on each order while giving your dealers a better overall experience. Each portal is customized for the targeted dealer or dealer group.
Logistics, Warehousing, & Supply Chain Management
Blue Stingray can build a logistics solution that simplifies complex tasks such as vehicles management, GPS tracking, costs management, insurances, and assignments by integrating these processes together into a single platform.
Blue Stingray has the custom time-saving accounting cloud tools that you need to grow your business. Manage your bills and expenses online, control supplier invoices, and get a clear forecast of your future bills.
If your business relies on dealers to sell products, you need to offer simple, intuitive ordering. Your dealers should be able to quickly place orders, check status, and get accurate quotes through a single web portal.
Blue Stingray’s team designed a cloud-based web application called “Flow” with various access points for meter readers, customers, and administrators.